Central District

Firefighters of Central Pennsylvania


For the Four Year Program $350.00:
Beca-Lin, Kelly, Psychology, Northern Cambria, Pa
Patrick Huber, Pharmacy, Hastings VFC, Hastings, Pa.
Koty Davis, Mechatronics Engineering , Alum Bank VFC, Alum Bank, Pa.

For the Four Year Program $300.00:
William E. Hutcheson III, Law, Milton Fire Dept. Milton Pa.
Nathan Callahan, Engineering, Ashville VFC, Ashville, Pa.
Hannah Easly Criminal Justice Hastings VFC, Martinsburg, Pa.
Jonathan A. Kirk, Psychology &Special Education, Patton VFC, Patton, Pa.
Austin Oakes, Computer Science, Kane VFC, Kane, Pa.
Kelsie A. Rugh, Forensic Science, , Milton VFC, Pleasant Gap., Pa.
Olivia, Stone, Early Childhood & Special Education,, Ludlow VFC, Ludlow, Pa.
Eric Wineland, Computer Science, Bedford Fire Dept, Altoona, Pa.
Kristin N. Wineland, Elementary Education, Bedford Fire Dept, Altoona, Pa.
Brianna L. Cornell, Nursing, Ferndale VFC, Johnstown Pa.
Makenna Bittner, Pre-Physician Assistant, Beech Creek-Blanchard VFC, Beech Creek, Pa.

For the Two Year Program $300.00:
Jay Peachey, Pre-EMS, New Columbia, Pa.
Tony Anico, Welding & Fabricating, Hastings VFC # 1, Hastings, Pa.
Josiah Conner, Liberal Arts & Science, Hastings VFC # 1, Hastings, Pa
Lindsey Delattre, Nursing, Houtzdale VFC, Houtzdale, Pa.
Zoey Snauffer, Message Therapy, Warrensville VFC, Montoursville, Pa.

Fire Prevention

Division   Population Under 4000


1st….Plaque …Friendship of Roaring Spring   and $250

2nd …Plaque …Claysburg Vol. Fire Co.   and $100

3rd   Plaque    Hastings Vol. Fire Co.   and $100.00



Division   Population   4000  and over


1st ….  Plaque …Excelsior of Bellwood  and $250

2nd …. Plaque….United of Logan Township  and $150

3rd….   Plaque …Hughesville Fire Department and  $100

4th ….  Plaque….Milton Fire Department  and  $100


Central District Firemen's Association Fire Prevention

Roving Trophy  Judges Choice for 2018 United of Logan Township

C.   Robert E. Kerns  Fire Prevention  Award;
Presentation of Plaque to 2017 Winner:   


 Thomas Alton Whiteford, Excelsior Fire Dept. # 1 of Bellwood Pa., Blair County

2018 Winner  Kerns  Fire Prevention Award to 


 Joshua Kline, Assistant Chief, Hastings Vol. Fire Co. No.1 ,Cambria County


 Nominated by John Bem, Awards Chairperson and the Hastings Vol.  Fire Co. # 1


 Mr. Kline joined the Fire Company on October 13,1997. Being a 4th Generation firefighter from the very beginning he was involved in all facets of the fire service ,

ranging from answering alarms, training, meetings, fund raisers and fire prevention. 

When the committee was form in 2007 under the Chairmanship of Dep. Chief Dan Warner he participated in the planning scheduling and conducting  of the various programs. During that time 

interval the Fire Company’s  Fire Prevention Program was honored by Central District , Western Penna Firemen's Association and the Firemen’s Association of State of Pennsylvania with awards 

ranging from first to no lower than third place. In 2017-2018 due to Dep Chief Warner starting a new job which required  spending a lot of time away from home, made it difficult to  conduct the over 

35 programs that are conducted annually. Asst Chief Kline step in and continued the programs which required a lot of his time. He did this  was still maintaining his position as an  EMT at the Hastings 

Area Ambulance .And just recently his hard work and training paid off with his notification of  attaining Firefighting II Certification. For his dedication and hard work and time spent  exemplifies the spirit 

of the Fire Prevention Award  that Assistant Chief Joshua Kline should be honored with the  2018 Robert E. Kerns Memorial Fire Safety Education Award.

Junior Firefighter

Established in 2017 this award is to recognize an outstanding Junior Firefighter that is a member of a Fire Company/Department.  The Fire Company/Department must be a member in good standing in the Central District. The Trophy owned by Central District is a roving trophy with the name of the current winner placed on a plate on its base. 

The Association is responsible for adding the name to the base plate. The Trophy is returned to the Association prior to the convention and  at the following Convention Awards Ceremony  a 

commemorative gift is given to the winner to keep permanently.  The Award will be presented annually at the Convention Awards Program. The individual can only receive this award once. Any 

other nominees will received a framed Certificate of Commendation from 

Central District honoring their achievements.


 Certificates of Commendations


1. Tanner Myers, Hastings Vol. Fire Co. No. 1  ,Hastings, Pa. Cambria County 

                    Nominated by Allen Kline, President Hastings Vol. Fire Co. No. 1


2. Ryan Zachary Kimberling, Logan Twp. United Fire Dept. Altoona, Pa. Blair County

                    Nominated by Jason Baker, District Fire Chief, Logan Twp. United Fire Dept.


2018 Central District Junior Firefighter Award Winner:

Jr. FF  Anna Greene, Excelsior Fire Co. No.1, Bellwood Pa. Blair County

Nominated by Captain Christopher Cherry, Excelsior F.C. No. 1


Ms. Anna Greene joined the Excelsior Fire Co. No. 1 in February 2017. She took part in her IFSTA training receiving her three modules of “basics” firefighting., Hazmat Awareness training with national

Proboard Certification, CPR/AED/First Aid certified and Water Rescue Awareness. She wanted to

take more training but age constraints prevents this at this time. She has received the distinguished award from the Blair County Wise Women Society . Anna started the “stuff the squad” program  

assisting the Bellwood- Antis Council of Churches which provides food and goods to families in need around the Christmas Season. She is enrolled at the Greater Altoona Career & Technology 

Center in Emergency Services Program. According to Mr. Richard J. Erculiani ,Emergency Services Instructor stated “ Anna possesses and display the quality of natural leadership. She always puts 

her team ahead of herself and is honest and forthright in all she does”. For her dedication to Fire Service and to service in her Community, Captain Christopher Cherry, Excelsior Fire Co. No. 1 Bellwood 

nominates Ms. Anna Greene for the 2018 Central District Junior Firefighter Award and the Awards Committee concurs.



Valour Awards

1. Sabrina Bukowski Gallitzin, Pa. Cambria County


        Nominated by Fire Chief Donny Miller, Gallitzin Fire Co. # 1


On Saturday November 11,2017  Bartender Ms. Sabrina Bukowski witnessed a bar patron, a 55 year old male, collapse to the floor at the bar. Without hesitation, Ms. Bukowski began to perform chest

compressions on the victim. The male victim regained consciousness prior to EMS arriving on scene. For her quick actions  and utilizing her knowledge of CPR, a life was saved. Therefore, the Gallitzin 

Fire Company # 1 and its Fire Chief Donny Miller nominate Ms. Sabrina Bukowski for the 2018 Central District Valor Award and the Awards Committee concurs.


 2. Captain Gregory Patterson, Gallitzin Fire Company # 1, Gallitzin, Pa. Cambria County


        Nominated by Fire Chief Donny Miller, Gallitzin Fire Co. # 1


On Saturday December 30,2017, Mr. Gregory Patterson was eating dinner with his family at the Applebee’s Restaurant located in the Logan Valley Mall in Altoona. Mr. Patterson noticed a restaurant patron 

had stood up from his table and appeared to be in distress. He immediately recognized that the patron was choking on food. Without hesitation Mr. Patterson began to administer the Heimlich Maneuver 

on the victim. After several abdominal thrusts the victim expelled a piece of food from his airway. The victim exited the restaurant prior to obtaining his name. However the incident was verified by patrons 

and the restaurant manager. For his quick actions  and utilizing his knowledge of the Heimlich  Maneuver   a life was saved. Therefore, the Gallitzin Fire Company # 1 and its Fire Chief Donny Miller nominate 

Captain Gregory Patterson for the 2018 Central District Valor Award and the Awards Committee concurs.


 3. Thomas A. Bracken, Life Member of the Nanty Glo Fire Co. Nanty Glo, Pa. Cambria County


        Nominated by Fire Chief Joseph LaMantia, Nanty Glo Fire Company,


On the morning of January 2,2018, Mr. Ed Campbell, a Life Member of the Nanty Glo Fire Dept. was returning home from a social event at about 1:00AM. The temperature outside was a -4oF. While walking 

from his garage to his house, Mr. Campbell slipped on the ice to the frozen ground, injuring his shoulder and was unable to get up.

Two and a Half hours later and after six inches of snow had fallen his neighbor Mr. Bracken was returning home and heard Mr. Campbell’s cry for help. Mr. Bracken immediately call 911 and got blankets 

from his home . He insulated Mr. Campbell from the cold  ground and the snow in an attempt to raise Mr. Campbell's’  body temperature. Within minutes EMS arrived and transported the patient to the Conemaugh  

ER. Mr. Campbell is slowly making a recovery and as of yet is not having any side effects.

 For his quick actions, a life was saved. Therefore, the Nanty Glo Fire Co. and its Fire Chief Joseph LaMantia  nominate. Thomas A. Bracken for the 2018 Central District Valor Award and the Awards Committee concurs.



  4. Mr. Brian Berry, Johnstown, Pa. Cambria County


        Nominated by Fire Chief Paul Kundrod, Fire Chief, Adams Twp Vol. Fire Co. # 2


On the morning of January 10,2018 Adams Twp VFC # 2, EMS from Forest Hills and East Hills was dispatched to a single vehicle accident on Rt  219 North of the St. Michaels Exit. 

The driver was removed from the vehicle treated and transferred to the local Hospital.

During the follow up investigation  it was determined that Mr. Brian Berry, an INCO Beverage Delivery Truck Driver, was following when he observed the driver ,having a seizure, lost 

control of the vehicle and  was driving erratically striking concrete barriers. Mr. Berry pulled over and  got out of his truck and proceeded to run towards the moving car. He attempted 

to open the passage door but it was broken due to the multiple crashes. He then ran to the Drivers’ door. He was able to gain entry and got to the brake petal to stop the car on the 

berm . Not only was Mr. Berry running down a car on a busy highway he also averted the possibility of a major crash involving an auto bouncing off the median back into traffic.  For 

his swift action with no regard for his personal safety averted a major tragedy   Therefore, the Adams Township Volunteer Fire Company # 2 and its Fire Chief Paul Kundrod nominate 

Mr. Brian Berry for the 2018 Central District Valor Award and the Awards Committee concurs.



5. Matthew English, Age 9, Colver  Pa. Cambria County


        Nominated by Dave Zeek, Phoenix Vol. Fire Co. Hollidaysburg Pa.


On Sunday June 3,2018 at approximately 9AM at 227 Twenty Row Road Colver, Pa. two grandchildren Matthew English (age 9) and Gabriel Clough (age 2) were in the dining room 

playing. The mother was in the basement and the father was upstairs getting dressed when suddenly Matthew starting yelling for his parents. Gabriel starting choking on something. 

Without hesitation, Matthew pickup Gabriel and was trying to dislodge the object. The object was swallowed.  The mother called the Doctor and was instructed to get the child to Med 

Well in Ebensburg and then taken to Conemaugh Nason Hospital in Roaring Springs, Pa. X-rays were taken to show the object looked like a penny, dime or same battery. 

After two weeks the child passed the object which turned out to be a quarter. The doctors believe Matt’s action dislodged the object from the throat and then it travelled to the stomach.

 For his quick actions Matt prevented from the situation becoming very serious. . Therefore, the 

Phoenix Vol  Fire Co.  and Dave Zeek, Central District Blair County Vice President and Grandfather to the two children  nominate Matthew English for the 2018 Central District Valor Award and the Awards Committee concurs.

President's Award

G. Past Presidents  Award:   Presented by Tim  James, President


Established in 2016 to honor  all Past Presidents of Central District. The Award is given to any individual  of the Host Fire Company or the Host Community who in the opinion of the 

President and Secretary has contributed to the planning and successful operation of the Central District Convention. The award consist of an engraved plaque sponsored by the Past 

President’s Advisory Committee . The individual may win this award only once.


This year winner is:   Ronald L. Henry, Jr.


Additional Awards

 F.   Presentation of Larry J. Corbin Memorial Plaque:


Established in 1980 The Larry J. Corbin Memorial Trophy Award is given to the best overall Association Fire Dept. participating in the Convention Parade. The Trophy is owned by 

Central District is a roving trophy with the name of the current winner placed on a plate on its base. The Trophy is returned to the Association at the following Convention Awards 

Ceremony and a commemorative plaque is given to the winner to keep permanently.


2017 Larry J. Corbin Award….Nanty Glo VFC, Nanty Glo, Cambria Cay

2018 Larry J. Corbin Award…Excelsior of Bellwood


G.   Presentation of Leroy C. Focht, Sr.  Memorial Plaque:


Established in 1980 The Leroy C. Focht, Sr.  Memorial Trophy”. This award is presented to any member in good standing of the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association 

who in the opinion of the Awards Committee  has contributed to the benefit , welfare and improvement of the Fire Service in the Central District Coverage Area in an outstanding 

manner  through current service or service over the years.  The award is also known as the “Firefighter of the Year Award  The recipient will receive a roving trophy (owned by Central 

District). The Association is responsible for the winner’s name to be added to the Roving Trophy. The Trophy is returned to the Association prior to next year's convention. At the following 

Convention Awards Ceremony a commemorative plaque is given to the winner to keep permanently .  A Member can only receive this award once. Any Member Fire Company or individual 

Association member may nominate a person for his/her service in terms of length of years devoted to the fire service or an individual who has done some exceptional work in the Fire Service 

in Central District during the past year. The person must be a member in good standing of Central District Nominations are due July 1st


2017 Leroy C. Focht Sr. Memorial Plaque is given to : 


James W. Reilly,  Treasurer Central District Vol. Firemen’s Association, Phoenix Vol.

Fire Co. Hollidaysburg, Pa. Blair County



H.   Presentation of Leroy C. Focht, Sr.  Memorial Trophy:


2018 Leroy C. Focht Sr. Memorial Trophy is given to : 


Gerald T. Corbin, Secretary, Central District Vol. Firemen’s Association, Phoenix Vol.

Fire Co. Hollidaysburg, Pa. Blair County


Nominated by : Central District Awards Committee, John Bem, Chairperson


The nominee has served his entire life in the fire service. He joined his home company in 1961.That was the beginning of an active  career in his fire department. In 1968 he was 

appointed Captain of Engine #3  He was elected to a full term of Central District Secretary at the Hollidaysburg Convention in 1978.He continued serving in that office for the past 

40 years. During his tenure he completely converted the Central District records and membership rolls into electronic files and advancing the organization into the 21st Century. 

He is one of the important pillars of Central District . In 2000 he was honored with the title of Honorary Past President.

The 2018 Leroy C. Focht Sr. Memorial Trophy and Central District “Firefighter of the Year” 
goes to Gerald T. Corbin , Secretary, Central District Vol. Firemen’s Association,  Phoenix Vol.

Fire Co. Hollidaysburg, Pa. Blair County


I: Presentation of Plaque , Pin and Gold Card to Past President; Presentation by Joe Whiteford II  President of the Advisory Committee


Thomas James, East Freedom Twp VFC, East Freedom, Pa. Blair County


J. Special Honorary Past Presidents Resolutions


1. Gerald Ross Alpha Fire Dept, State College, Center County




Whereas, Gerald Ross, State College, Centre County, a  member of the Alpha Fire Co. and a dedicated member of The Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association and,


Whereas, in recognition of his excellent knowledge, dedication, leadership and years of service as a firefighter and,


Whereas, Gerald Ross joined the Central District Vol. Firemen’s Association in 1981 .He was appointed in 1982 to the Central District Board of Control as member of the Pumping 

Contest Committee and in 1987 appointed Chairman of the same committee and served in that position until 1998. In 1998 he was made a member of the Executive Committee and 

in 2011 appointed Chairman and continues to serve in that position today. In 1998 he was appointed to the Lapsation Committee (Senior Delegate) and,


Whereas, he has given many years of Service to his Fire Company and 37 years of service on the Board of Control to the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association on various committees and, 


Now ,Therefore be it resolved, that Gerald Ross be conferred upon him the title of Honorary Past President of the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association and,

Further Resolved, that he be entitled to all the rights and privileges afforded a President of this Association and,

Be Further Resolved, that a copy of this resolution be present to him.


Adopted this    17th   Day of   August , 2018  at the 126th Annual Convention 

of the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association convened in 

East Freedom, Pennsylvania.


Joseph Whiteford II   Advisory Comm.                                   Tim James    President


John Bem   Secretary-Treasurer                                          Gerald T. Corbin Secretary




2. Tom Kleckner, Mifflinburg VFC, Mifflinburg Pa. Union County





Whereas, Thomas Kleckner, Mifflinburg, Union County, a  member of the Mifflinburg Volunteer Fire Co. and a dedicated member of The Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association and,


Whereas, in recognition of his excellent knowledge, dedication, leadership and years of service as a firefighter and,


Whereas, Thomas Kleckner joined the Central District Vol. Firemen’s Association in 1974 .He was appointed in 1988 to the Central District Board of Control as member of the Pumping Contest 

Committee and in 2001 appointed Chairman of the same committee and he continues to serve in that position today. In 2005 he was made a member of the Lapsation Committee (Senior Delegate) and,


Whereas, he has given many years of Service to his Fire Company and 44 years of service on the Board of Control to the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association conducting the Efficiency Contest, 

Battle of Barrel , Kids Battle of Barrel and,  Now ,

Therefore be it resolved, that Thomas Kleckner be conferred upon him the title of Honorary Past President of the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association and,

Further Resolved, that he be entitled to all the rights and privileges afforded a President of this Association and, Be Further Resolved, that a copy of this resolution be present to him.


Adopted this    17th   Day of   August , 2018  at the 126th Annual Convention 

of the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association convened in 

East Freedom, Pennsylvania.




Joseph Whiteford II   Advisory Comm.                               Tim James    President


John Bem   Secretary-Treasurer                                             Gerald T. Corbin Secretary




2018 Efficiency Contest Winners

Battle of the Barrel - 17 Teams

1st - Patton A (Fred Hoover Memorial Trophy)

2nd - Jackson

3rd - Penfield


 Pumping Contest - 6 Teams

1st - Gallitzin - 32.28 - (Fred Love Memorial Trophy)

 2nd - Patton - 33.15

3rd - Newburg - 37.56

4th - Dauntless - 44.24


Fred Lower Memorial Trophy

Patton - 36 points


Out of Association Pumping Contest - 2 Teams

Delozier - 39.24


2018 Queens Contest

Queen - Mara Singer / Alexandria Volunteer Fire Co., Huntingdon County

1st Runner Up - Rachel Foster / Shavers Creek Volunteer Fire Co., Huntingdon County

Miss Congeniality - Tiara Garlock / Smithfield Twp Volunteer Fire Co., Huntingdon County

2017 Queen Contest Winners

Queen & Miss Congeniality - Alyssa Rank / Smithfield Fire Company

1st Runner Up - Makara Anderson / Three Springs Fire Company

2nd Runner Up - Amy Hesr / Saxton Fire Company

3rd Runner Up - Kalie Wilson / Mount Union Fire Company

2017 Parade Winners

Best Appearing Engine (1975 - 1990) 1st & 2nd - none

Best Appearing Engine (1991 - 2001) 1st & 2nd - 1st - Ashville 602 - 2nd - Montgomery

Best Appearing Engine (2002 - 2009) 1st & 2nd - 1st Milton 15-2 2nd Picture Rocks

Best Appearing Engine (2010 to Present) 1st & 2nd - 1st Woolrich

Best Appearing Aerial (75 ft or less) 1st & 2nd- none

Best Appearing Aerial (76 ft and over) 1st & 2nd - 1st - Nanty Glo Truck 43 2nd - Milton Truck 15-1

Best Appearing Light Rescue 1st & 2nd - 1st - Bellwood LR22

Best Appearing Heavy Rescue 1st & 2nd - 1st - Nanty Glo R 36 2nd - Montgomery

Best Appearing Engine Rescue 1st & 2nd - 1st - Freedom Twp E/R 40

Best Appearing Tanker (1200 gal and over) 1st & 2nd - 1st - Pennsdale

Best Appearing Engine/Tanker (1200 gal and over) 1st & 2nd - 1st - Picture Rocks

Best Appearing Specialty Unit 1st - 1st Sandy Hose DuBois 36

Best Appearing Antique non-motorized 1st - none

Best Appearing Antique Motorized 1972 & Older fire co owned 1st - none

Best Appearing Antique Motorized privately owned 1st - 1st Micky Lutch - 1919 Reo

Best Appearing Ambulance in Association 1st & 2nd - 1st - Picture Rocks - 2nd Montgomery

Best Appearing Fire Department in line of march (under 16 members) 1st & 2nd - 1st Bellwood - 2nd Nanty Glo

Best Appearing Fire Department  in line of march (16 members and over) 1st & 2nd - none

Fire Department traveling the longest distance 1st - 1st Clymer

Corbin Award - Nanty Glo


Best Appearing and Equipped Engine 1st & 2nd - 1st Eldred Twp 22 - 2nd Warrior Run 91

Best Appearing and Equipped Rescue 1st & 2nd - 1st Bloomsburg R37 - 2nd Muncy Area

Best Appearing and Equipped Tanker 1st & 2nd - none

Best Appearing and Equipped Aerial 1st & 2nd - 1st Loyalsock T48 - 2nd Vaughn Murray & Wayne Bieber Snorkel 2-1

Best Appearing and Equipped Ambulance 1st & 2nd - 1st Muncy Aera

Longest Distance 1st Bloomsburg

Judges Award - Pleasant Gap

 Glick Fire Apparatus - Pierce Award - Muncy Area

2017 Efficiency Contest

Battle of the Barrel - 14 Teams

1st - Patton A

2nd - Jackson Twp

3rd - Penfield A


Pumping Contest - 6 Teams

1st - Morris Twp 34.2 sec

2nd - Lakemont A - 38.56 sec

3rd - Patton 38.75 sec


Out of Association - 2 Teams

Shoop - 100 sec


Bill Lower Award

Patton - 31 points

2016 Queen Contest

Queen - Karingtin Sklodonski, Cresson Fire Department


1st Runner-Up and Miss Congeniality - Dana Myers, Huntingdon Regional Fire Dpartment 


2nd Runner-Up - Rachel Householder, Huntingdon Regional Fire Department 


3rd Runner-Up - Ellie Leyo, Irvona Fire Department 



2016 Awards



Andrew R Brumbaugh, History, Curryville VFC, Curryville, PA

Jacob B Burkhart, Chemistry, Dauntless VFC, Ebensburg, PA

Matthew Eckenrode, Sports Administration, Spangler VFC, Northern Cambria, PA

Anthony Huber, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Hastings VFC, Hastings, PA

Patrick Huber, Pharmacy, Hastings VFC, Hastings, PA

William Hutcheson, Law, Milton Fire Dept, Milton, PA


Tyler Blankenship, Computer Science, Kane VFC, Kane, PA

Ariel Brinkley, Early Childhood & Special Education, Kane VFC, Kane, PA

Koty Davis, Mechatronics Engineering, Alum Bank VFC, Alum Bank, PA

Hannah Easly, Criminal Justice, Hastings VFC, Martinsburg, PA

Scott Evans, Engineering Analysis, Dauntless VFC, Ebensburg, PA

Ryan Gromley, Criminal Justice, Clymer VFC, Penn Run, PA

Hailee James, Ultrasonography, Freedom Twp VFC, East Freedom, PA

Nathan T Klaiber, Petroleum Engineering, Kane VFC, Kane, PA

Austin Oakes, Computer Science, Kane VFC, Kane, PA

Kaitlyn M Rugh, Wildlife & Fisheries, Milton VFC, Bellefonte, PA

Danielle Slovikosky, Accounting, Ashville VFC, Ashville, PA

Olivia Stone, Early Childhood & Special Education, Ludlow, PA

Eric Wineland, Computer Science, Bedford Fire Dept, Altoona, PA


 Brianna L Cornell, Nursing, Ferndale VFC, Johnstown, PA

Jade K Corbin, Nursing, Phoenix Fire Dept, Hollidaysburg, PA

Kaitland Lynch, Medical Assistant, Tyrone Fire Dept, Tyrone, PA 


Fire Prevention Awards:

Population Under 4000 

1st - Claysburg VFC, Claysburg, PA, Blair County

2nd - Hastings VFC, Hastings, PA, Cambria County

3rd - Friendship VFC, Roaring Spring, PA, Blair County

4th - Spangler VFC, Northern Cambria, PA Cambria County

Population Over 4000

 1st -  United VFC, Logan Township, PA,  Blair County

2nd - Excelsior VFC, Bellwood, PA Blair County

3rd - Hughesville VFC, Hughesville, PA,  Lycoming County

4th - Fairview Twp VFC, York County

5th - Milton FD, Milton, PA, Union County





2016 Efficiency Contest

2015 Queen Contest

Queen - Courtney Frye representing Friendship Fire Company #1 of Roaring Spring PA

1st Runner-Up - Karington Sklodowski representing Cresson Fire Company

2nd Runner-Up - Amanda Stoudnour representing Saxton Fire Company

Miss Congeniality - Kaitland Lynch representing Northern Blair County Forest Fire Crew 

2015 Efficiency Contest

2015 Saxton

Battle of the Barrel

1. Patton A

2. Jackson Twp

3. Penfield B


Pumping Contest

1. Hastings A - 31.63

2. Lakemont - 34.75

3. Dauntless - 35.30

4. Patton - 36.05


Bill Lower Award

Patton - 26 points

2015 Fire Prevention Awards

Coverage Population Under 4,000

1. $250.00 Hastings Volunteer Fire Company No. 1

2. $125.00 United of Logan Township

3. $125.00 Claysburg Volunteer Fire Company

4. $125.00 Friendship Fire Company No. 1 Inc


Coverage Population over 4,000

1. $250.00 Fairview Township Fire Department

2. Milton Fire Department, Inc


Grand Prize Winner

Fairview Township Fire Department

2015 Other Awards


Four Year Program    $350.00:

Andrew R Brumbaugh "History" Curryville VFC Curryville PA

Sara Rosazza "Criminology" Excelsior VFC Tyrone PA


Four Year Program    $300.00:

Tyler Blankenship "Computer Science" Kane VFC Kane PA

Brianna L Cornell "Biology - Pre Med" Ferndale VFC Johnstown PA

Matthew Eckenrode "Sports Administration" Spangler VFC Northern Cambria PA

Anthony Huber "Electro-Mechanical Engineering" Hastings VFC Hastings PA

Hanna Eaasly "Criminal Justice" Hastings VFC Martinsburg PA

Nathan T Klaiber "Petroleum Engineering" Kane VFC Kane PA

Kaitlyn M Rugh "Wildlife & Fisheries" Milton VFC Bellefonte PA

Koty Davis "Mechatronics Engineering" Alum Bank VFC Alum Bank PA

Hannah Franchock "Nuclear Medicine" Glen Hope VFC Philipsburg PA

Zachary Franchock "Criminal Justice" Glen Hope VFC Morrisdale PA

Eric Grasso "Engineering Analysis" Sykesville VFC Reynoldsville PA

Eric Wineland "Computer Science" Bedford Fire Dept Altoona PA


Two Year Program    $250.00

 Taylor Holt "Wildlife Technology" Kane Fire Dept Kane PA

Kellie Springer "Medical Imaging" Dauntless VFC Ebensburg PA


 Robert E Kerns Fire Prevention Award

Cynthia Lytle - Milton Fire Dept Inc - Milton PA Northumberland County


Valor Awards

Josh Petrisko and Becky Petrisko - Northern Cambria PA Cambria County


Ryan Matthew Gromley - Clymer PA Indiana County


Officers Jessica Walk, Barry Fry, Jason Hollis of the Tyrone Police Dept

Firefighters Dave Lynch, Todd Weakland, Billy McElwain of Tyrone Fire Dept


Presentation of Senior Delegate Cards


Dennis J Gresh - Northern Cambria

Donald E Snauffer - Montoursville

JoLane Whiteford - Bellwood


Larry J Corbin Award


Everett Volunteer Fire Company


Leroy C Focht  Sr Memorial Award

W Mark Taylor - Saxton VFC

2015 Parade Winners



Best Appearing Engine - 1974 - 1989

1st Place - Summerhill - Engine 86-2

2nd Place - Northern Blair Forest Fire Crew - Co 38


Best Appearing Engine 1990 - 2000

1st Place - Nanty Glo - Engine 43-2

2nd Place - Hastings - Engine 55-1


Best Appearing Engine 2001 - 2008

1st Place - Roaring Spring - Engine 60-11

2nd Place - Shawnee Valley - Engine 37-15


Best Appearing Engine  2009 - 2015

1st Place - Huntingdon Regional - Engine 65-1

2nd Place - Hand in Hand Hose Co - City of Lock Haven - Engine 11


Best Appearing Aerial 75' or Higher

1st Place - Excelsior of Bellwood - Truck 22-51

2nd Place - Bedford - Tower 31


Best Appearing Ambulance

1st Place - Mt Union - AMB 701

2nd Place - Six Mile Run - AMB 16-A


Best Appearing Light Rescue

1st Place East Freedom - Rescue 40-31


Best Appearing Heavy Rescue

1st Place - Martinsburg - Rescue 80-31


Best Appearing Engine/Rescue

1st Place - Spangler - Engine 58-2

2nd Place - Huntingdon Regional - Engine 65


Best Appearing Tanker

1st Place - Alum Bank - Tanker 38-28

2nd Place - Lilly - Tanker 72


Best Appearing Engine/Tanker

1st Place - Newton Wayne - Engine/Tanker 26-1

2nd - Everett - Engine/Tanker - 32-22


Best Appearing Specialty Unit

1st Place - Colver - Attack 40


Best Appearing Antique - Non Motorized

1st Place - Everett - Steam Engine


Best Appearing Antique - Motorized

Six Mile Run - 1936 Ward LaFrance Engine


Best Appearing Antique - Privately Owned

1st Place - Jim Stone 1969 Hahn Formerly owned by Everett Fire Co

2nd Place - Pat Shoop Lewistown


Longest Distance Traveled

Hughesville Lycoming County - 150 miles


Corbin Award - Best Appearing Department in Parade

Everett - 7 pieces of Apparatus




Best Appearing Engine - Hustontown - Engine 157


Best Appearing Heavy Rescue - Ashville - Engine/Rescue 60


Best Appearing Special Unit - Middle Taylor Township - Attack 25-3


Best Appearing Ambulance - Orbisonia Rockhioll - AMB901


Longest Distance Traveled - Middle Taylor Township - 59 Miles


Special Judges Award - Six Mile Run Fire Company

2014 Convention @ East Freedom

2013 Queen Contest

Queen - Lauren Morris representing Six Mile Run

1st Miss Congeniality - Alonna Brumbaugh representing Orbisonia-Rockhill Fire Co also holds the title of Huntingdon City Queen

2nd Miss Congeniality - Kimberly Sanders representing Gallitzin Fire Co 


2013 Efficiency Contest

2012 Parade Winners

Category:                                                                                                                                1st Place                                                                                            2nd Place
Best Appearing Engine
2008-2013                                                                                                           Nepyune Fire Co. Tyrone 34-11                                                 Friendship Hose Roaring Spring 60-11
Best Appearing Engine:
2000-2007                                                                                                           Dauntless Fire Co Ebensburg 22-1                                         Geeseytown VFC 30-12
Best Appearing Engine:
1989-1999                                                                                                          Lakemont VFC 15-11                                                                     Portage VFC 83-1
Best Appearing Engine:
1973-1988                                                                                                            Shavers Creek VFC 11-2                                                            Southern Cove VFC 41-15
Best Appearing Aerial:
75ft or less                                                                                                            United Fire Co Logan Twp 18-51                                             Patton VFC 62-7
Best Appearing Aerial
76ft and over:                                                                                                        Hookies of Tyrone 33-51                                                           Dauntless VFC 22-3
Best Appearing Engine / Rescue:                                                                   Spangler VFC 58-2                                                                     Hope Northern Cambria 50-4
Best Appearing Heavy Rescue:                                                                      Greenwood VFC 16-32                                                              Tyrone Hookies 33-31
Best Appearing Light Rescue:                                                                       Cresson VFC 70-1                                                                      Freedom Twp 40-41
Best Appearing Specialty:
Light, Air, RIT, Haz Mat                                                                                      Spangler VFC 58-4
Best Appearing Tanker:
1400 gal and up                                                                                                Six Mile Run VFC Tanker 36                                                     Newburg VFC 12-21
Best Appearing Tanker/Pumper:                                                                    Bedford VFC 31-21                                                                     Nanty Glo VFC 43-5
Best Appearing Brush Unit:                                                                            Greenwood VFC 16-71                                                              Freedom Twp VFC 40-71
Best Appearing Motorized:
Antique Engine Pre-1972                                                                               Yeagertown VFC 1936 Pumper                                               Greenwood VFC 1946 Pumper
Best Appearing Non Motorized Antique Apparatus:                                  Spangler VFC 1905 Hose Cart
Best Appearing Privatelt Owned:
Antique Apparatus (CD Member)                                                                 R Zercher, Owner                                                                         Mike Lieb, Owner
Best Appearing Uniformed
Firefighting Marching Unit
16 or more Personnel:                                                                                   Dauntless VFC                                                                           Hope VFC Northern Cambria
Best Appearing Uniformed
Firefighting Marching Unit
Less than 15 but more than 6:                                                                    Spangler VFC                                                                              Freedom Twp VFC
Best Appearing Ambulance
In or Out Assoc:                                                                                              Mount Union VFC 702                                                               Saxton VFC 15-2
Dept Traveling Longest Distance:                                                              Hughesville VFC                                                                        New Kensington Fire Co (Out)
Best Appearing Pierce Fire Apparatus:                                                     Saxton VFC Rescue 35
Corbin Award:                                                                                                Spangler VFC
Excelsiior Fire Co #1 Chief's Award:                                                         1898 Hose Cart Owner Scott Illig
Central District President's Award:                                                           Mount Union Fire Co
Special Judges Award:                                                                               Adams Twp #1 Dunlo VFC 82-1
 Out of Association
Best Appearing Apparatus:                                                                       Phoenix VFC Hollidaysburg                                                        Alum Bank VFC
Best Appearing Commercial Business:                                                 Keiths Truck Service Bulk Water Transport
Best Appearing Non-Profit Organization:                                                Spring Mount Percherons

2012 Queen Contest

The Central District Queen is Cassidy Noel from Irvona

Miss Congeniality is Jordyn Cassidy from Bedford

2012 Fire Prevention

Population 4,001 and over

    1st - Hughesville Volunteer Fire Company

    2nd - Union Fire Company #1 of Carlisle

    3rd - Fairview Township of Cumberland County

 Population 4,000 and under

    1st - Hastings Volunteer Fire Company

    2nd - Logan Township United Volunteer Fire Company

    3rd - Spangler Volunteer Fire Company

    4th - Claysburg Volunteer Fire Company

    5th - Martinsburg Volunteer Fire Company


Auxiliary Fire Prevention Award given to Hastings Volunteer Fire Company

Robert E Kerns Roving Trophy was presented to Ronald Shoenfelt from the Logan Township United Volunteer Fire Company

2012 Other Awards

Larry Corbin Award:

Fire Prevention Roving Trophy:

Leroy C Focht Sr Memorial Award: Lisa Wolf, Excelsior Fire Company, Bellwood

Robert E Kerns Fire Prevention Award - Ronald Shoenfelt, Logan United Fire Company, Logan Township


2012 Efficiency Contest

Battle of the Barrel

    1st - Patton A - Fred Hover Meorial Trophy

    2nd -Jackson Township

    3rd - Cresson A

Pumping Contest

    1st - Gallitzin 34.59 - Fred Love, Hand in Hand Trophy

    2nd - Morris Township 35.00

    3rd - Greenwood 35.30

    4th - Cresson 38.20

Bill Lower Award

    Gallitzin - 25 points

2011 Parade Winners

Central District Parade Apparatus Winners

Kane 8/20/2011 In Association

                                                                                          1st Place                                                                       2nd Place

Best Appearing Engine                                            Fox Twp Kersey

Best Appearing Engine:                                            Nanty Glo                                                                      Wilcox E63

Best Appearing Engine:                                            Penfield 41-12                                                            Pinecroft 23-13

Best Appearing Engine:                                             Clymer

Best Appearing Engine:                                              __None__
1979 and Older

Best Appearing & Equipped Aerial:                         Patton 62-7

Best Appearing Engine/ Rescue:                             Spangler                                                                      Mapleton

Best Appearing& Equipped Heavy Rescue:           __None__

Best Appearing Light Rescue
Or Mini Pumper:                                                          Bedford                                                                         Excelsior VFC Bellwood

Best Appearing Specialty :                                        Sandy Hose #1                                                           Hughesville VFC Utility
(Light,Air,RIT,Haz Mat)

Best Appearing Tanker:                                             Highsland Twp VFC
1500 gal and up

Best Appearing Tanker/Pumper ;                              Ashville 603

Best Appearing Brush Truck;                                      Friendship Roaring Spring                                    Union #1 Carlisle

Best Appearing Motorized :                                          __None__
Antique Engine Pre-1980

Best Appearing Non Motorized:                                  __None__
Antique Apparatus

Best Appearing Privately Owned:                                Bob Zercher (Bethel Park)                                     Kirk Tadich VW Super Pumper
Antique Apparatus (CD Member)

                                                                                                     1st Place                                                                   2nd Place

Best Appearing Antique Apparatus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Other than Engine Under own power:                         __None__                                                                __None__

Best Appearing Uniformed
Firefighting Marching Unit
(20 or More Personnel) :                                                __None__

Best Appearing Uniformed
Firefighting Marching Unit
Less than 19 but more than 6) :                                    Nanty Glo                                                                  Excelsior Bellwood

Dept. Traveling Longest Distance $50.00:                  Hughesville 230 miles

Corbin Award:                                                                    Mapleton Fire Dept.

                                                                                                                           Out of the Association

Best Appearing & Equipped Aerial :                              __None__

Best Appearing Engine:                                                   Bradford Twp VFC

Best Appearing Tanker :                                                   Ludlow 263

Best Appearing ALS Unit:                                                 __None__

Best Appearing BLS Unit:                                                 Wilcox VFC Ambulance

Best Appearing Antique Apparatus
(26yrs and older) FireCo. Owned :                                  __None__

Best Appearing Heavy/ Light Rescue:                           Ludlow 262

Best Appearing Antique Apparatus
Individual Owner not member :                                       __None__

Special Judge Award :                                                      Boy Scout Troop 99, St. Mary Pa.   WWII Float


2011 Queen Contest

Central District Queen is Rhianon Fowler of the Johnsonburg Fire Department


1st Runner-Up is Katlyn Diehl of the Bedford Fire Department

2nd Runner-up is Cassidy Noel of the Irvona Fire Company. 


Miss Congeniality is Ashleigh Woodward of Three Springs, Huntingdon County.


2011 Fire Prevention

1st - Martinsburg Fire Company

2nd - Hughesville Fire Company

3rd - Willing Hand Hose Company

4th - Union Fire Department

5th - Hastings Fire Department

6th - United Logan Township fire Department

7th - Fairview Township Fire Department

2011 Efficiency Contest

Battle of the Barrel

    1st - Cresson - Fred Hover Memorial Trophy

    2nd - Patton

    3rd - Highland Township

Pumping Contest

    1st - Ashville 41.60 - Fred Love, Hand in Hand Trophy

    2nd - Clymer 45.19

    3rd - Pinecroft 45.68

    4th - Patton no time

Bill Lower Award

    Ashville - 25 points


2011 Other Awards

Larry Corbin Award:

Fire Prevention Roving Trophy:

Leroy C Focht Sr Memorial Award: Thomas E Brinkley, Kane Vol. Fire Company, Kane

Robert E Kerns Fire Prevention Award - Amy Myers, Union Fire Company, Carlisle


Fire Chief Mark Taylor,  Saxton, saved a life with CPR

Lane Bennet 10yrs old, saved Grandfather by driving their Jeep into the woods after heart attack symptoms.

James Wike, while fishing he witnesed an auto accident with car overturned in the water, he rescued two teenagers from the vehicle.

2010 Other Awards

Larry Corbin Award: Nanty Glo VFC, Nanty Glo, Pa.

Fire Prevention Roving Trophy: Hastings VFC # 1, Hastings, pa.

Leroy Focht Award: George Misurda, Clymer VFC, Clymer Pa.

2010 Efficiency Contest

Battle of the Barrel

    1st - Cresson - Fred Hoover Memorial Trophy

    2nd - Patton

    3rd - Jackson Township

Pumping Contest

    1st - Gallitzin 34.81 - Fred Love, Hand in Hand Trophy

    2nd - Morris Township 35.41

    3rd - Patton 35.51

    4th - Lakemont 36.79


    Patton  - 29 points

2010 Queen

Queen - Sadie Crooks
               Saxton Fire Company - Huntingdon County

1st Runner-Up - Jessica Laney
                            Clymer Fire Company

2nd Runner-Up - Madeline Lane
                              Alexandria Fire Company

Miss Congeniality - Elyce Rhine
                                  Phoenix Fire Department

2010 Parade

Central District Parade Apparatus Winners
Clymer 8/21/2010 In Association
Category:                                                                      1st Place                                                    2nd Place                                                                     3rd Place
Best Appearing Engine :                                        Friendship, Dubois                                     Bald Eagle                                                                  Irvona
2006 - 2010
Best Appearing Engine:                                         Dauntless                                                     Nanty Glo                                                                    Hastings
2000 - 2005
Best Appearing Engine:                                         Pinecroft                                                       Portage
1990 - 1999
Best Appearing Engine:                                         Conemaugh
1980 - 1989
Best Appearing Engine:                                          ----NONE----
1979 and Older
Best Appearing & Equipped Aerial:                      Kane                                                            Dauntless
Best Appearing & Equipped Engine/Rescue:     Spangler                                                      Fairview Twp
Best Appearing & Equipped Heavy Rescue:       Saxton                                                         Bellwood
Best Appearing Light Rescue
or Mini Pumper:                                                        Bedford
Best Appearing Specialty:                                       Hope, Northern Cambria Utility                Freedom Twp. 40-1
(Light, Air, RIT, HazMat)
Best Appearing Tanker:                                           Freindship Roaring Spring                       Nanty Glo
1500 gal and up
Best Appearing Pumper/Tanker:                            Ashville 603                                                Hope Northern Cambria 50-2
Best Appearing Brush Truck:                                  Friendship Roaring Spring                        Union #1 Carlisle
Best Appearing Motorized:                                     Greenwood (1946)
Antique Engine Pre-1980
Best Appearing Non Motorized:                             Spangler Hose Cart                                   Bellwood Hose Cart
Antique Apparatus
Best Appearing Privately Owned:                          Pat Illig (Old Nanty Glo Mack)                   Wolfsburg VFD VW Super Pumper
Antique Apparatus (CD Member)
Best Appearing Antique Apparatus
Other than Engine Under own power:                    None                                                           None
Best Appearing Uniformed
Firefighting Marching Unit
(20 or more Personnel):                                          Hope Fire Co Northern Cambria             Excelsior Bellwood
Best Appearing Uniformed
Firefighting Marching Unit
(Less than 19 but more than 6):                              Nanty Glo                                                    Spangler
Special Judge Award:                                             Red Knights Motorcycle Corps
Dept. Traveling Longest Distance - $50.00:         Union #1 Carlisle (194.7 miles)
Corbin Award:                                                          Nanty Glo Fire Dept.
                                                                         Out of the Association
Best Appearing & Equipped Aerial:                      Indiana Fire Dept 101
Best Appearing Engine:                                          Boalsburg 311
Best Appearing Tanker:                                          None
Best Appearing ALS Unit:                                       None
Best Appearing BLS Unit:                                       None
Best Appearing Antique Apparatus
(26 years and older) Fire Co Owned:                    Ligonier 1927
Best Appearing Heavy Rescue:                             Ligonier
Best Appearing Antique Apparatus
Individual Owner not member:                                 None
Special Judges Award:                                           Latrobe Bag Pipe Corps

2009 Efficiency Contest

Battle of the Barrel

    1st - Cresson - Fred Hoover Memorial Trophy

    2nd - Jackson Twp

    3rd - Patton

Pumping Contest

    1st - Lakemont 32.39 - Fred Love, Hand in Hand Trophy

    2nd - Ashville 34.72

    3rd - Gallitzin 36.97

    4th - Cresson 41.33


    Cresson - 26 points

2009 Queen Contest

2009 Queen - Ashley Noel, Irvona Fire Company

1st Runner-up - Crystal Thomas, Breezewood Fire Company

2nd Runner-up - Elizabeth Claycomb, Saxton Fire Company

Miss Congeniality - Marissa Calhoun, Friendship Fire Company of Roaring Spring

2009 Fire Prevention

1st - $300.00, Union Fire Company of Carlisle

2nd - $200.00, Hughesville Volunteer Fire Company

3rd - $100.00, Excelsior #1 Fire Department of Bellwood

4th - $100.00, Logan Township United Fire Company

5th  - Willing Hand Hose Company of Montoursville

6th - Phoenix Volunteer Fire Company of Hollidaysburg


Robert E Kerns Fire Prevention Award:

Steve M Whistler, Carlisle - news article, http://www.cumberlink.com/articles/2009/09/06/news/local/doc4aa34575cae46144083994.txt

2009 Parade


Central District  Parade Apparatus Winners

Irvona     8/22/2009   In Association


Category:                                                1st Place                                                                   2nd Place                          3rd Place                                                             

Best Appearing Engine                       Glen Hope 

  Pre 1980

Best Appearing Engine:                      Clymer                                                            Nicktown                  

  1980 to 1989

Best Appearing Engine:                       Dubois; Goodwill                                             Tipton-Antis 

  1990 to 1999

Best Appearing Engine:                Dauntless                                                      Nanty Glo                           Madera          

  2000 to 2004

Best Appearing Engine:                            Friendship, Roaring Spring                        Geeseytown                          Hastings


Best Appearing Aerial:                  Dauntless                                                      Hollidaysburg                      Kane

Best Appearing Heavy Rescue:               Friendship, Roaring Spring                        Madera

Best Appearing Engine/Rescue:       Bellwood                                                        Spangler

Best Appearing Tanker :               Friendship, Roaring Spring                        Hope, Northern Cambria

  1500 gal and over

Best Appearing Specialty Unit:         Bedford             31-62                                       Tyrone 33-8

  (Mini Pumper, ,Squad)

Best Appearing Brush Unit:                 Newburg

  Army Style

Best Appearing Brush Truck:      Clymer 156                                         Columbia (Osceola Mills)

 Oldest  Non-Motorized :           Spangler 1905 Hose Cart

                                                            1st Place                                               2nd Place                                     

Best Appearing Motorized

Antique Apparatus:                          Hope Philipsburg                            Portage (Cassandra)

Best Appearing Privately Owned

  Antique Apparaus ( CD Member) :       Decatur ( Zercher)

Best Appearing Firefighters

  in Line (Min 6 to 19)                                Bellwood                                Hope, Northern Cambria

Best Appearing Firefighters

  in Line ( 20 or more )                           Friendship, Roaring Spring

Longest Distance Traveled

  Apparatus                                                  Fairview Twp VFC  York Co.   163 miles

Judge’s Award                             Red Knights Firefighters Motorcycle Corps

Larry Corbin Award                                   Clymer VFC



Best  Appearing Engine: Westover                   Best Appearing Tanker: Westover            Best Appearing Rescue: Curwensville

Company Travelling Longest Distance:  Breezewood VFC




2009 Other Awards

Leroy C Focht Sr Memorial Award - Thomas Morgan, Greenwood VFC

Valor Awards - none

Scholarship Awards - Anthony Fredo, Hastings - Christina Garman, Gallitzin - Dawyne Garman - Shane Brinkley - Dave Gnitter, Hastings

2008 Efficiency Contest

Battle of the Barrel

1st - Cresson A, 2nd - Patton, 3rd - Penfield

Pumping Contest

1st - Cresson, 2nd - Ashville, 3rd - Logan Township

Bill Lower Award


2008 Queen's Contest

Queen - Kylie Everhart, Huntingdon PA, Representing Huntingdon County Firemen's Association

1st Runner-Up - Cassady Swanger, Mill Creek PA, Representing Mill Creek Fire Company

2nd Runner-Up - Sarah Hodge, Six Mile Run PA, Representing Six Mile Run Fire Company

Miss Congeniality - Kaitlyn Mazzaferro, Saxton PA, Representing Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

2008 Parade


Central District  Parade Apparatus Winners

Mifflin     8/23/2008   In Association


Category:                                                1st Place                                       2nd Place                                       3rd Place                         


Best Appearing Engine                        Irvona                                     Newton/Wayne                                 Yeagertown     

2000 to 2008


Best Appearing Engine:                      Pinecroft                                  Geeseytown

1990 to 1999


Best Appearing Engine:                      Pheonix, Hollidaysburg                                 

1980 to 1989  



Best Appearing and Equipped Aerial:              Kane                      United Fire Co. Lewistown                



Best Appearing Light  Rescue/ Mini Pumper:  None



Best Appearing and Equipped Heavy Rescue:   Fairview Twp. York Co.        Junction Fire Co. Lewistown


Best Appearing Pumper/Rescue:  Excelsior Vol. Fire Co. Bellwood



Best Appearing Tanker :      Junction Fire Co., Lewistown                   Strodes Mills , West Grandville Twp.

1500 gal and over


Best Appearing Pumper/Tanker:  None



Best Appearing Specialty Unit:               Gallitzin Squad                         Union Fire Co. # 1, Carlisle 

(Utility,Light, Air,,Squad, RIT, HazMat)


Best Appearing Brush Unit:   Miflin Co. Forest Firefighters               Mount Union 7-1







Best Appearing Engine Pre-1980:  Yeagertown 1946 Buffalo


Best Appearing Non-Motorized Apparatus : None



Best Appearing Motorized

 Antique other  Than an Engine :   None




                                                            1st Place                                      2nd Place                                     


Best Appearing Firefighters

 in Line (Min 6 to 19)                 Excelsior, Bellwood                    Huntingdon Fire Dept.      



Best Appearing Firefighters

 in Line ( 20 or more )              None  



Longest Distance Traveled

Apparatus                                 Kane…….160 miles


Best Appearing Privately Owned Apparatus

Owner a Central District Member :   Bellwood: Tom Whiteford Owner         Greenwood:



Special Judges Award: Milroy Pumper 7-2


Special Judges Award: Mount Union Fire Prevention Clowns



Larry Corbin Award    : Excelsior Vol. Fire Co. No.1, Bellwood



2008 Convention at Mifflin

Out of Association  Prize Winners



.Best Appearing    Pumper                      Thompsontown Vol. Fire Co.



 Best Appearing and Equipped

 Aerial                                                                    ___________NA______________



 Best Appearing  Rescue

Heavy or Light                                       Hummels Wharf VFC



 Best Appearing & Equipped

Light Rescue Apparatus                                __________NA_______________



 Best Appearing  Ambulance  ALS : 1st__________NA_____________


                                                           2 ____________NA___________


 Best Appearing Ambulance BLS :     1st      Mount Union


                                                             2nd         Milroy Hose 7-1



 Best Appearing  Tanker :                            New Buffalo—Watts Twp.



Best Appearing Antique Apparatus (26

Years and older)                                       Fame 1970 Ambulance


Best  Appearing Apparatus Privately Owned

By individual not a member                     Chris Oliphant –1974 Mack ..Dillsburg 




Special Judges Award ;                      Fame Unit 12 Haz mat Unit

2007 Efficiency Contest

Battle of the Barrel

1st - Cresson, 2nd - Patton, 3rd - Penfield

Pumping Contest

1st - Dauntless, 2nd - Cresson, 3rd - Spangler, 4th - Lilly

Bill Lower Award


2007 Parade


Central District  Parade Apparatus Winners

Gallitzin     8/18/2007   In Association


Category:                                      1st Place                                             2nd Place                                                      3rd Place                         


Best Appearing Engine           Cover Hill                                          Blue Knob                                                   Shaver Creek Valley    

1979 and Older


Best Appearing Engine:         Pheonix, Holladaysburg                      Hookies Tyrone                                       Conemaugh           

1980 to 1989


Best Appearing Engine:         Boalsburg                                          Shavers Creek Valley                                Alum Bank  

1990 to 1999


Best Appearing Engine:         Spangler                                            Summerhill Boro                                         Hummels Wharf       

2000 to 2007


Best Appearing Aerial:           Dauntless                                          Milton                                                             Portage



Best Appearing Light  Rescue:   Hope;Northern Cambria            Cassandra



Best Appearing Heavy Rescue: Excelsior/Bellwood              Friendship, Roaring Spring



Best Appearing Tanker :       Six Mile Run                                      Fairview Twp, York

1500 gal and over



Best Appearing Ambulance  Mount Union



Best Appearing Specialty Unit:  Hummels Wharf Squad

(Mini Pumper, ,Squad)



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